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WhatsApp Stickers: Everything You Need to Know

The introduction of stickers into WhatsApp has resulted in an all-time high as far as fun and creativity in conversation are concerned. As with any new release, however, staying up to date means learning any important information associated with the technology.

Just so you don’t feel like a fish out of water, this article is a quick compilation of everything you need to know where WhatsApp stickers are concerned. Before you begin though, you should know that you can breathe easy as the subset of things you need to know is not a very big one.

What Are Stickers?


It’s best to start simply with a look at what stickers are. You may already be familiar with the small expression-based face inputs known as emojis. Stickers allow for a new dimension of communication by allowing groupings of bigger, more artistic pictures that support more interesting ways to show emotions with various quotes to boot where applicable.

How to Find Them?


Finding the stickers in WhatsApp is a very simple process. Begin by tapping on the usual smiley icon that is used to get to the emoji window. If you look at the base of the emoji selection area in the center you the screen, there are three icons. From left to right, these icons are the emoji icon, the GIF icon, and the sticker icon. Tap the sticker icon on the right, which takes you to the sticker select screen. From here, you can select whichever sticker appeals to you.


The Creativity


You may be wondering what was meant by the mention of creativity at the beginning of this piece. In fact, you may have heard the word being thrown around in the context of stickers many times. This is because stickers are the most customizable aspect of WhatsApp currently. Using the steps above, you may notice that there is a plus icon on the right of the sticker select screen. Tapping this icon reveals a long list of sticker packs that you can add to your application.

Additionally, there are third party applications that allow for addition of various themed stickers that are not available in the WhatsApp download list. Furthermore, with the right application you can even create your own stickers for your chats that can be based on pictures you have in your image gallery or camera pictures that you can snap on demand.



The WhatsApp sticker is not an exclusive to any device platform. Therefore, whether you’re on Windows, Android, or iOS, you can begin making use of the feature. If you are not seeing the sticker icon in your application, chances are you have not updated WhatsApp since the feature was released in 2018.


Final Remarks

The information provided above is a complete list of everything you need to know about WhatsApp stickers written in a form that you can understand in as little as a lunch time. As always, embrace your creativity but remember to not use the new feature to be a menace to others.

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