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Using Stickers in WhatsApp

Some time ago, encryption-based messaging app Telegram introduced the concept of stickers to their program. While emojis have their purpose in casual communication, stickers have a graphical edge and allow the use of more special-purpose images.

In 2018, Facebook’s instant messaging application WhatsApp also implemented the feature too much fanfare. This is because the user base was quite elated to know that they were granted the privilege of using stickers in WhatsApp.

What Is a Sticker?

Put simply, stickers are a special type of image that can be used in tandem with your text-based messages to offer a more dynamic base than emojis. Before the feature was implemented, third party applications had to be used to attach them to messages, however, now that native support for them is built into the application, this limitation has been removed. Below is an outline of how stickers are used in the application.

How to Use a Sticker?

Using stickers in WhatsApp is a very simple operation once you’re familiar with the steps involved.

These are:

1) Open WhatsApp and select the required chat – This one is self-explanatory, however, it’s important to know that they cannot be sent in bulk and must be sent from within a chat whether individual or otherwise.

2) Navigate to the sticker section – This is the most complex part of the operation and even it is a very simple task. First you need to access the image menu, which consists of smiley, GIF, and sticker options. To access this menu from within a chat, click on the smiley icon located to the left of the chat bar. Once you do this, the program opens the emjoi menu providing you with various emoji options. However, you are interested in stickers. If you look at the bottom of the screen in the center, there are three icons that denote emojis, GIFs, and stickers respectively. Just in case you’re unsure, the sticker icon is the one that looks like a piece of paper with a folded edge. Tapping this icon leads to the sticker selection area.

3) Choose your sticker – The final step is to choose whichever sticker fits into your conversation.

Downloading Additional Stickers

Unlike the emoji selection area, the sticker area seems a bit short when you initially use it. You may wonder why the sticker choices are so limited. This is by design for storage conservation purposes and for separation from third-party content.

However, it is very easy to get to a wider range of stickers on demand. Upon navigation to the sticker selection area, instead of choosing a sticker you can click on the plus sign to the right. This brings you to the sticker download area where stickers are arranged by category for your downloading pleasure. To the right of each grouping, there is a download icon.

Simply click on the download icon, wait a couple moments, and look for the icon’s change to a tick. This indicates the sticker has been downloaded. You can now return to your chat and proceed to use your new set of stickers.

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