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How to Use WhatsApp Stickers?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform owned by Facebook. Recently (about a year ago), it announced that it was launching a new feature to allow people to send stickers. The latest update rolled out in phases and only included one set of Stickers. However, there are plenty of stickers available now, and you can download sticker packs from the Sticker store, as well.

The sticker store allows you to manage and delete downloaded stickers, as well. If you’re wondering how to use WhatsApp stickers, it can be helpful to read a short guide.

What Do You Need?

An Android or iOS device with the latest version of WhatsApp installed (2.18 or higher) is required. Along with such, you will need an internet connection or the ability to use data.

Using Stickers

The first thing to do is open the WhatsApp Messaging app on the web or your smartphone. Then, you must select a contact or group to which you want to send the sticker. At the bottom of the chat screen, you’ll see a magnifying glass, smiley face, ‘GIF’ and a blank square with a folded corner. First, tap the Smiley located in the chat screen and, from there, tap on the ‘Sticker’ icon, which is the blank square beside the GIF icon. Scroll through the available stickers and tap on the one you’d like to send. It automatically goes into the message space, and you can choose to type text or send it as is.

Downloading/Managing Stickers

WhatsApp doesn’t have a plethora of stickers available, but you can easily download other stickers and make your own. To download new sticker packs, make sure the WhatsApp app is open and select the appropriate contact or group.

Go to the area of the sticker (see above) and tap the plus (+) icon at the top right-hand side of the area of the sticker. Browse through the stickers and choose the pack you’d like to download and click on the ‘Download” button to begin the process. A checkmark is added where the download button was when the pack is finished downloading.

If you’d like to delete a sticker pack that you previously downloaded, you can follow the same steps as you did to download the sticker app and then hit the ‘delete’ icon.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned directions are for Android devices. Apple phone users can get to the location of the sticker from the right side of their text box.

The WhatsApp sticker area has 13 different sticker sets, including pre-installed options. These include Cuppym Salty, Bibimbap Friends, Komo, and many others. Android users can also download extra stickers from the Google Play Store. Just tap the “Get More Stickers” option from the bottom of your stickers list.

Making Stickers

Now that you know how to use WhatsApp Stickers, you may want to try your hand at making your own. A third-party app, such as Sticker Maker can help you achieve this.

You can learn how to do that from a variety of tutorials, allowing you to customize your stickers based on your lifestyle or preferences.

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