How to Use, Download and Manage Stickers in WhatsApp?

The sticker module in WhatsApp has been the talk of many of its users since it was introduced in 2018. While some people don’t use it because they are still unaware of the feature’s existence, some are simply uninformed of how stickers work and that is where this article comes into play. Should you be unaware of the processes involved in the use of the sticker feature, there is no need to worry as this article outlines how to use, download and manage stickers in WhatsApp.

How to Use Stickers?

To get the instructions started, the first point of focus is how stickers are used.

The instructions are as follows:

1) First, jump into the WhatsApp application and enter the chat in which you intend to send the sticker.
2) Tap the smiley button that is found to the left of the message creation bar.
3) From the emoji selection screen, look for three icons at the lower end of the screen in the middle.
4) The one on the far right looks like a page with a single folded edge. This is the sticker icon. Select the sticker icon.
5) Choose your sticker from the options that are afforded you.

How to Download Stickers?

The only complaint users have when they first use the sticker option is that the default options provided are few. While this is the case, the application is designed to accommodate the integration of stickers from two sources, which are:

• Those acquired from within the WhatsApp application
• Those acquired from third party sources.

To obtain the former, begin by following the steps given above up to step four. Once you are in the sticker selection area, there is a plus sign icon that denotes the ability to add additional stickers. Tap that icon and you are then greeted by a list of sticker groupings listed with the name of the group’s creator. On the right of each set is a download button that is used to add the stickers to your WhatsApp application.

Obtaining third party stickers is also an easy process provided the medium used provides the common and basic functionality of being able to integrate with the WhatsApp API. You may head to the Play Store and download any third-party WhatsApp sticker application such as Stickers for WhatsApp.

How to Manage Stickers?

Management of stickers boils down to ensuring that the only stickers you have downloaded are the ones you are using. Though sticker packs are not very big individually as their average size is no more than 500 KB, this can add up depending on how many you have. Therefore, maintenance is necessary for storage space preservation. To manage your installed stickers, head to the sticker download area mentioned above within WhatsApp. Instead of selecting a sticker pack to download, select the “My Stickers” tab, which brings you to your library. From here, you can delete any stickers you are no longer using.

Now you know how to use, download and manage stickers in WhatsApp so go have fun like so many users already are.

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