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How to Make WhatsApp Stickers?

WhatsApp is always releasing new features, and with the latest update, you can create stickers to share with your family and friends. While you can’t use it for iPhone, you can send your shared pictures by first saving them as a favorite.

Android users can use the WhatsApp feature of creating stickers.

However, the question now remains how to make WhatsApp stickers for yourself.

While you can find pre-defined stickers, they are limited. Therefore, you can create stickers using your photos.

How to Create Stickers Using Photos?

If you’d like to make WhatsApp stickers by using personal photos, the process is quite simple. Just import the photos, remove any backgrounds, and edit them as WhatsApp stickers. However, each step takes time, so a quick tutorial can help you on your way to creating fun, personal stickers.


The first thing to do is update your WhatsApp Messenger to the newest version.

Import Photos

Once you’ve got the newest version of your app, you can see the sticker icon in the smiley section. It’s shown as a blank square with a folded corner.

You must now open the Google Play Store to download the “Sticker Maker” application and install it on your smartphone. Remember, this only works for Android devices right now.

Open the newly installed Sticker Maker app and click “Create New Sticker Pack.’ You can name the sticker package whatever you like and choose your name (author). You can create a variety of sticker packs.

Open your newly created pack. You’ll find a tray icon with 30 slots to make WhatsApp stickers from photographs. The tray icon is just a preview area to identify everything in the sticker pack. It’s required to have the tray icon and three stickers in one sticker package.

To make the sticker, tap on an empty slot, which allows you to browse your pictures. When you see one you’d like to make a sticker, select the area that you want to be part of the sticker. Once it is to your liking, tap on the ‘Yes, Save Sticker’ button. You must repeat this process for the other three stickers. Remember, this first sticker is the tray icon and then your three stickers.

Edit/Save as Stickers

Once you’ve got a collection of one tray icon and three stickers, you just tap the green “Add to WhatsApp” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Your created stickers are automatically added to your WhatsApp Messenger.

Now that you know how to make WhatsApp stickers, you must send them. To send the newly created sticker, you open the Messenger application and tap the Smiley icon and then the sticker icon. You’ll see that newly created tray icon with your created stickers inside it. Pick the one you’d like to send.

That’s all you have to do. You’ve now created a WhatsApp sticker package using a free Sticker Maker app. You can make sticker packs as much as you want with up to 30 stickers in each package. You can use it to surprise your family and friends, as well as send personalized greetings.


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