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How to Make WhatsApp Stickers on iPhone?

Almost a year after the release of the sticker feature in WhatsApp, users have shown their appreciation and support in droves by making use of the feature consistently. A problem that many people have expressed is the fact that Facebook included a very limited collection of stickers with the update. However, Facebook wants users to look at these stickers as a base and not as a complete set that needs improvement.

Therefore, WhatsApp has an easy method built into it to obtain stickers and why it is so easily integrated with third-party sticker provision applications. Many people have resorted to getting a bit creative to satisfy this sticker need and that decision has been the reason for many of the creative stickers available for download now.

In fact, Facebook actually encouraged independent entities such as individuals and developers to become involved in the creation of stickers, which are then advertised from the WhatsApp sticker menu. As much of the guides available online have a bigger focus on the Android market, the focus here is on Apple.

See the information below to learn how to make WhatsApp stickers on an iPhone.

Get the Required Application

Before you begin, you need to get the correct tool from the App Store. The name of the program to be used for this process is known as Sticker Maker. The program is free and is not very large so it should be no problem to find and download it.

The Steps

Now that you are equipped with the correct tool, follow the steps below to get your creative juices working.

Note that stickers are created in sets known as packs and so you must create a pack and add stickers to it.

• Open the app and click on the plus icon to create a sticker pack.
• Once you finish and you can see your pack, you must then select it to add stickers to it.
• You can then use the tray in the top left-hand corner to begin picture selection.
• The selection process is between capturing a camera picture or using a photo in your gallery.
• After selecting the picture, you can then crop it, so you get the area you want.
• Save the picture and repeat the process as many times as you like to fill up your sticker pack. Stickers are usually added to WhatsApp in groups.
• Once you have finalized your group, you can then save it and select the option that says “Add sticker pack to WhatsApp”
• When you are taken to WhatsApp, simply confirm that you wish to add the pack to your WhatsApp library.


There are numerous ways to build stickers and most of them involve third-party applications for the design. Note that while many of these applications claim to be offering something new, the core functionality is the same.

Just ensure you read reviews before using an application so you can be warned if anything is expected to go wrong.

Now you know how to make WhatsApp stickers on iPhone, and you are ready for the creative world.

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