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How to Install WhatsApp Stickers?

WhatsApp users are on cloud-nine with the addition of stickers. After GIFs and emojis took the stage, the messaging app launched its new cool sticker options to make it more fun to interact with others. Now, users can impress their loved ones and better express their feelings with the stickers.

The company also revealed that the stickers could be found on the web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

While most people have already been using stickers, some still don’t know what they are or how to get their hands on the stickers. Therefore, it helps to know how to install WhatsApp Stickers so that you can use them and impress your friends.

Update Your App

The first thing you need to do is update WhatsApp. To do so, you should either go to the Play Store or App Store and check to see if your WhatsApp Messenger has any updates. If you see “open” and “uninstall” under the WhatsApp listing, you are already updated to the newest option. If you see “uninstall” and “update,” you should click the update button and wait until the app is updated for you.

You can also check the version of your app by going to your phone settings. Android users should see the numbers ‘2.18.329’ while iPhone users should see the numbers ‘2.18.100.’

While some people say that they must join a beta testing program first before receiving the new update, most people just have to update the app as normal. However, if you’re asked to join a beta test program, it doesn’t hurt to do so.

Open the App

Now that you know how to install WhatsApp Stickers (it’s already done!), you need to know how to find and add them. Once you’ve got the newest version of WhatsApp, you open the app by tapping on it. Select any group or chat and tap the emoji icon, available on the chat screen.

Now, you’ll see a Stickers option next to the GIF area. It looks like a blank square with a folded bottom-right corner.

Find/Add Stickers

To add Sticker packs, you must first tap on the ‘plus’ (+) icon. You can browse through all the sticker packs available and when you find one you like, tap on the download icon next to it. The download shouldn’t take long, depending on how many background processes and other apps you’ve got running. Once it is finished, you’ll see a green checkmark appear on the screen. This indicates that you can go to another page or can search for more stickers.


Go back to the individual or group chat. Tap on the Sticker icon once again and select the sticker you’d like to send. Add text if you’d like, and then send the sticker by pressing the send button.

Once you send the sticker and your friend opens the message, he or she will also get the sticker update. Along with such, if a friend sends you a sticker, you have the option of saving it or adding it to your favorites, thereby making it easier for you to find that particular sticker next time.

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