How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers?

In 2018, a new feature was launched in WhatsApp, called Stickers. While Stickers aren’t new and many other messaging applications use them effectively, WhatsApp users are plentiful, and most people are happy that the feature has arrived. WhatsApp has pre-installed stickers, and you can expect the app to add more and more in the future.

However, those who fashion themselves as designers may want to learn how to create your own WhatsApp stickers, and you can find many ways to do that.

Sticker Maker and Sticky are both excellent apps that help you make your own stickers, and each one has its own pros and cons.

You can find both apps on Android and iOS:

Creating a WhatsApp Sticker Using Sticky

Sticky is one of the more interesting apps because it uses AI to outline the person or object you plan to turn into a stick. This can be useful and important because, many times, background images detract from the sticker, especially if you must shrink the picture down.

To use the Sticky app, download it from the App or Play Store, depending on your OS. Launch the app after download, and it’ll start in camera mode. You can bring up the photo gallery (stored on your phone or SD card) by swiping upward in the app. Then, choose the image you want to use as the Sticker, which will launch the app’s editor. You can make any desired or necessary edits, such as erasing image parts and cropping. When you’re finished, just tap on the ‘share’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of your app. You can then scroll to the second page and save the icon.

Using Sticker Maker App

Sticker Maker requires you to outline your image yourself. The background removal tool is also a continuous process. Therefore, you’ll need to have steady hands so that you can outline the object you want for the sticker from beginning to end.

To start, download the Sticker Maker app and launch it. Click on the button that says “Create New Stickerpack.” Give the pack a name and click the ‘create’ button. Now, tap on the sticker pack that you’ve named and start editing.

When you’re finished editing, tap the “Tray” icon and choose the primary photograph that will represent the rest of the sticker pack. Tap on individual pictures to start editing them. You can choose items from your image gallery, or you can select the “Camera” button and take a photo to edit. Once your image is taken, you can edit it. Save the sticker when you’re finished editing.

Add Stickers to WhatsApp

Now that you know how to create your own WhatsApp stickers, you need to know how to add them to the app. Sticky doesn’t allow you to add the stickers to your WhatsApp app, but Sticker Maker does.

Just open Sticker Maker and choose the sticker pack you want to add. Click on the button that says “Add Sticker Pack to WhatsApp,” which launches WhatsApp. Confirm that’s the pack you want to add and click save it if it is the one you want. Once saved, you can access those new stickers.


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