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How Do I Get Stickers on WhatsApp?

While there was a time where emoji use was the only popular form of built-in, image-based communication media on WhatsApp. The application has continuously evolved to give users more options with the passage of time. Not only did Facebook add video snippets to the mix in the form of GIFS, but users can now also use the sticker feature.

This makes use of various images that have been labeled as cute (especially since they are mostly animated animals) in the place of emojis to allow for a more vibrant and attractive form of non-verbal communication. The focus today is on a common user query, which is, “How do I get stickers on WhatsApp?” Hopefully, by the time you are done the reading, you can answer this question for yourself and anyone else who may need your new-found wisdom.

Why More Stickers?

Of course, Facebook did not make the crazy mistake of giving users no stickers, to begin with. In fact, there are quite a few variations to some of the stock stickers you can get your hands on since the update enabled the feature, however, based on the number of emojis available it is instantly abundantly clear that there are not enough stickers for you to have fun with.

How to Acquire Additional Stickers from WhatsApp?

The sticker module was built to allow the addition of the stickers you want once you know where to look for them. There are two known ways to acquire stickers and using one or both should be enough to give you anything you are looking for.

First, you have the option of getting new stickers from within WhatsApp. When you get to the sticker menu, there is a plus sign you can touch instead of selecting a sticker. This leads to a screen where various sticker groups from different creators are listed. Adding these to your repertoire is a simple task and only requires a single tap. There is a circular download icon to the right of each sticker group that allows you to acquire the entire group. The download size of a group is minuscule so whether you are on Wi-Fi or data, you can look forward to a speedy download. Once a tick appears in the place of the icon, you have successfully obtained the group and you can return to your chat and use it.

How to Acquire Additional Stickers Externally?

Depending on who you ask, the second option may be the more common of the two. This is mostly because the option listed above goes unnoticed by many. There are several apps available that integrate well with WhatsApp and can also be used to locate and install stickers. The most common app of this type is known as Stickers for WhatsApp and can be found in the Play Store. All you need to do is open the app and start browsing for whichever stickers interest you.

Now you have all the information you need if you ever asked, “How do I get stickers on WhatsApp?”

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