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How Do I Get Funny Stickers on WhatsApp?

As more people discover the wonder of stickers, they are becoming more of a staple in use of the app. Apart from providing an interesting alternative to using emojis in communication, stickers are becoming mainstream because of the customization and freedom you are afforded when they are used.

GIFs and emojis require you to use only what the application has access to even though you are provided with a GIF search engine. A sticker library, however, can feel unique as you can customize it to your liking.

If humor is your thing, check out the information below that answers the common question of “How do I get funny stickers on WhatsApp?”

Where to Look?

While it’s possible to get great stickers from WhatsApp’s additional sticker option, the best way to get humorous stickers is to bring third-party apps into the mix. The functionality of these third-party apps is the same across the board.

Typically, the application is launched and provides a finite number of stickers that you can simply tap and use an “Add to WhatsApp” option to get them registered. You are then free to use them within WhatsApp thereafter. Below is an overview of a couple of the funniest ones used today.

Mr. Bean Stickers

Mr. Bean’s face alone is enough of an answer to “How do I get funny stickers on WhatsApp?” One of his defining features throughout his many roles is his ability to convey humor and meaning through his numerous, hilarious facial expressions. Imagine that an app exists that takes 24 of Mr. Bean’s most laugh-inducing pictures and makes them into stickers. It’s Mr. Bean… Enough said.

New Meme Sticker Pack

There are two well-known facts about memes:

• They are the perfect recipe for laughter
• They get old and stop providing the same entertainment value over time

What if you could get the first without having to worry about the second. The new meme sticker pack allows you access to stickers that are from the funniest trendy memes available. The app achieves this as its creators constantly update it as soon as new memes emerge. Get ready to light up your conversations.

Deadpool Stickers

They’re Deadpool stickers. However, just in case more needs to be said. You have an app that grants you stickers that are based on the most self-aware, fourth-wall-breaking, entertaining, unpredictable, anti-hero in the whole Marvel universe.

Remember it’s Deadpool though so if you’re not into a bit of crude humor then this one may not be for you.

Donald Trump Stickers

Whether you support Trump or not, you must admit that photographers have been able to catch him in the middle of some of the most hilarious facial expressions known to man. Go wild with 30 of said expressions and bring some presidential humor to your conversations.

StickerMaker for WhatsApp

Nobody understands your taste in humor better than you do and there’s no getting closer than this app. As the name suggests, it allows you to create your own stickers using photos. Why not create your own expression stickers for your conversations.

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