Funny Memes Stickers for WhatsApp

There’s no real in between where memes are concerned, is there?

You are either a person who knows about memes but are not interested or you are one of those who basically communicate in fluent memes as if it were a language.

With the addition of WhatsApp stickers, a certain level of personalization is afforded to those who use the application is it allows you to extend your personal sticker library far past what was available upon the initial release of the feature.

As people realized the extent of customization available, the various things that began to popup at stickers were interesting, to say the least.

It was only a matter of time, therefore, before memes began to popup as stickers as well. To appeal to the meme lover in you, below is a look at a few places where you can download funny meme stickers for WhatsApp.

New Meme Sticker Pack

One of the most popular places to obtain funny meme stickers is the New Meme Sticker Pack. The biggest appeal here is the simplistic use of the pack and the fact that it never gets old considering the memes are consistently refreshed. Adding a sticker to WhatsApp is as easy as tapping on it and selecting the additional option.

Funny Memes Stickers for WhatsApp

Though the name may seem a bit long, this application gives you exactly what said name promises. If you’re looking for an application that narrows the ever-expanding sea of memes down to just the funniest ones, this is the app for you. The face used for the application’s image is that of Terry Crews.

If you know anything about Mr. Crews, it’s that whenever he shows up, you’re in for some serious laughs. The app categorizes the stickers to make them easily searchable, and you can select the ones that you want in your WhatsApp application without taking the rest.

Just like the New Meme Sticker Pack, it keeps the formula fresh by staying up to date with the latest memes available. In fact, as memes get to an aged status, they are filed under a group named “Old Memes,” which moves them out of your way unless you are specifically looking for them.


A growing trend is for people to use their own likeness to create memes they think are missing from the world. The WhatsApp sticker module supports your creativity as it allows you to use third-party applications to either use a camera shot or existing gallery pictures to turn into stickers.

Of course, editing and cropping features are included so your product fits in with the look of the stickers that already exist. One of the best creation applications for this purpose is Sticker Maker.

Final Remarks

If you’re looking to get your hands on creative and hilarious memes to use in communication with friends, try using one of the sources above and share in the laughs. Don’t forget to leave the content creators a review to show your support and gratitude.

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