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From Where Can I Get Free Stickers for WhatsApp?

The sticker feature in WhatsApp is still relatively new considering it is still less than a year old. WhatsApp users are always looking for something new to play around with or to add a little fun to conversations.

Emojis and GIFs are great, however, there is a different appeal to stickers that brings something fresh to the conversation. It is well known that the default sticker options provided do not reflect the limit of the sticker library’s maximum capacity.

While stickers are fun and adorable, no one wants to hear that additional stickers need to be paid for prior to use. Therefore, this article aims to answer the question, “From where can I get free stickers for WhatsApp?”

From Within the Application

Your first option for getting free stickers is to download sticker collections from with the application. Fortunately, this is a simple process and you can have your new stickers in no time.

To obtain stickers using this method, you need to complete the following sequence of steps:

  • From within your desired WhatsApp conversation, select the smiley icon.
  • Select the sticker icon as if you were about to send a sticker.
  • Instead of selecting and sending a sticker, use the plus sign icon on the right to indicate a desire to add new stickers.
  • This list of sticker collections is a free one and as these are small pictures, the file sizes are not very big.
  • Tap the download button to the right of the collection that interests you and wait a moment for a said button to transform into a tick.

While this is a great way to obtain stickers and it provides some variety, the truly impressive selection comes from the combination of offerings of third-party sticker sources. Below is a brief overview of a couple of the options that are available to you.

From External Sources

External sources allow for a set of stickers that you cannot get in the WhatsApp library. Those that are references to various TV shows, animated programs, and pop culture can usually only be found externally then added to WhatsApp.

Stickers for WhatsApp

 This is potentially the most popular external sticker app available for WhatsApp stickers today. The app is far-reaching and includes stickers that refer to current events, memes, celebrities, entertainment forms, etc.

The addition of your desired stickers to WhatsApp from this application is a relatively short process. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process is finding the specific stickers that appeal to you. Once you manage to do that, all you need to do is select the convenient addition option and it then becomes usable.


 The 4Fun app provides a perfect balance of entertaining stickers and creativity. The existing stickers are fun to use, however, in the unlikely scenario that you are not fond of any of them, feel free to get creative as you are afforded the option to make your own stickers, which technically must be free since you made them. “From myself” is possibly the best answer to “From where can I get free stickers for WhatsApp?”

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