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10 Things to Know about WhatsApp Stickers

The much-anticipated sticker feature from WhatsApp is available and has only been around for a short time. It’s available on every platform, including iOS and Android. They work similarly to how Facebook works.

You have a separate sticker section and can add new sticker packs. The stickers can convey emotions and have many features.

However, there are 10 things to know about WhatsApp stickers, so you’re prepared.

How to Send Them?

If you’d like to send a sticker, you can find an emoji icon close to the typing location. Tap that and find sticker icons. You’ll then be taken to the sticker screen, which allows you to tap on any sticker and send it to someone. They work in every type of chat, including group chats.

View Used Stickers

You can view the recently-viewed section to see the emojis you’ve used recently, and the same concept applies for stickers. Therefore, you can quickly find one that you just used (or used a few days ago) and reuse it quicker. These stickers are located on the first tab; the icon is a clock.

Add Favorites

While you can star any individual messages in WhatsApp to ‘favorite’ it, you can now find a favorites section for your stickers, as well. Just open the panel for stickers and hit the Star icon.

If you’d like to add stickers to the favorite section, hold your finger on the sticker of your choice. When the pop-up menu shows, click the add button.

View Emotion-Based Stickers

Next to the icon for favorites is a Heart icon. Here, there are sticker categories that are based on the emotion of the sticker, such as hearts, happy, sad, and more.

Grouped Stickers

If you send many stickers at once, WhatsApp groups them into pairs. When the stickers are sent, you won’t see the pair immediately. You must leave your chat and reopen it to see them. Grouped stickers can save space on your screen, but you can’t manually send two stickers at the same time yet.

Add New Ones

As a default, you only get one sticker pack pre-installed with the app, but you can add other stickers from the collection. Open the stickers screen, select the Add icon (top right-hand corner). If you see one you like, tap ‘download.’

Install Sticker Packs

You can find a ton of stickers on WhatsApp. If you receive a sticker that you like, you can tap the sticker and see an option to view the entire pack. Then, you can download that pack and have it in your favorites or sticker list.

View Stickers

Any stickers that have been downloaded appear in the “My Sticker” section. Open the sticker area to access it and tap “add” to go to your stickers.

Reorder Packs

Those who download many sticker packs can use them all and arrange them how you like. To do this, hold/drag stickers using the four-line icon and change the order, which immediately reflects the change on the primary screen.

Delete Packs

Of the 10 things to know about WhatsApp stickers, how to delete a particular pack is essential. Just head to the My Sticker section, and tap ‘Delete’ by the pack you don’t want.

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