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3 Coolest WhatsApp Pranks to Annoy Your Friends

Remember the good old days when a practical joke wasn’t taken out of context, and you could have a good-natured laugh at yours (or someone else’s expense)?

Back when Android first started, text bombs required the user to restart the device; you could also send out website links that gave pop-up ads for extended periods. While these were excellent pranks back then, most people worry too much about hackers and identity theft.

However, you can still find the 3 coolest WhatsApp pranks to annoy your friends, and it’s all in good fun.

Of course, Google has tightened security, which has also changed how people use devices, and light-hearted mischief can be taken very seriously. WhatsApp used to be home to the coolest pranks ever, but the app has become stabilized and doesn’t allow as many pranks to be played.

Some naughty tinkerers have found a few pranks that you can play on your friends.

Extensive Blank Message

Similar to the text bomb, where your friends would have to scroll through endless pages to reach the bottom, the extensive blank message prank was born. Because of Google’s permission changes, you can’t really send a lot of texts to one person, but you can find an app that helps you send out a giant text bubble to WhatsApp contacts.

To do so, download and install “Text Repeater” from the Play Store. Open that app and select ‘Blank Text,’ which is found at the bottom. For the repetition limit, type in 9999, and press the ‘Share’ button. Then, tap on the WhatsApp icon to select the preferred recipient.


Fake WhatsApp Conversations

If you’ve ever wanted to fool your friend into thinking you two had a conversation that never happened, this little trick can be popular. It’s been around for a while, and the What’s Fake App helps you create content inside a chat, create a fake chat, and take a screenshot of the fake conversation.


To use it, download and install ‘What’s Fake’ from the Play Store. Open that app and hit the floating button to start a new chat. Hit ‘New Contact.’ Here, you can edit the last-seen status and contact name and save it. Go back to your chat window and type whatever message you want to be seen (it should be white), and hit the send button. Type in your message you want to show that you’ve sent and tapped the button to turn it green before hitting send.

Location Fake Out

The last of the 3 coolest WhatsApp pranks to annoy your friends is the fake location option. You can fool friends into thinking you’re up a mountain, at the beach, or anywhere else.

You need to download/install the app called Fake GPS Location from the Play Store. Open the app, but enable the Developer Options to feature first. In this area, find ‘Select Mock Location App’ and open it, so you can choose ‘Fake GPS.’ Go to the Fake Location app, select the mock location you just created, and click the ‘Play’ button (found on the bottom of your screen).

Go back to your WhatsApp app, hit ‘Attachment,’ and select your location as usual.

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