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Using Stickers in WhatsApp

Some time ago, encryption-based messaging app Telegram introduced the concept of stickers to their program. While emojis have their purpose in casual communication, stickers have a graphical edge and allow the use of more special-purpose images. In 2018, Facebook’s instant messaging application WhatsApp also implemented the feature too much fanfare. This is because the user […]

WhatsApp stickers

10 Things to Know about WhatsApp Stickers

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Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Should Know

While most people have favorite apps and use them often, there may be some features that you didn’t know about it. This applies to one of the most popular apps called WhatsApp. It’s loaded with many settings and features that are visible, but you may not have noticed them. It’s a challenge to go through […]


15 WhatsApp Tricks You Must Try!

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15 WhatsApp Tricks You Must Try!

15 WhatsApp Tricks You Must Try! How to change the font on WhatsApp How to change font style on WhatsApp Most popular contacts on WhatsApp Muting group chats How to make personal information private Stop auto-saving How to add dates to the calendar Add a chat link to your home screen How to send a […]

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Top WhatsApp stickers you should use [Download]

The WhatsApp stickers are available on all devices running the latest version of WhatsApp. Here are the best WhatsApp stickers to download: Personal stickers for WhatsApp Sticker packs for WhatsApp Stickers for WhatsApp AIO Sticker for WhatsApp Cinema stickers Dragon Ball Stickers GOT WhatsApp Stickers Pokémon Stickers for WhatsApp Deadpool Sticker Pack (APK) Monkey Stickers […]


WhatsApp Sticker Memes

If you have used WhatsApp in the span of the past year, it is very unlikely that you are unaware of the addition of stickers. In the unlikely event that you are, however, if you’ve ever seen someone send you something looking like a sticker of a big cat with a message around it, that […]


Funny Memes Stickers for WhatsApp

There’s no real in between where memes are concerned, is there? You are either a person who knows about memes but are not interested or you are one of those who basically communicate in fluent memes as if it were a language. With the addition of WhatsApp stickers, a certain level of personalization is afforded […]

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How Do I Get Funny Stickers on WhatsApp?

As more people discover the wonder of stickers, they are becoming more of a staple in use of the app. Apart from providing an interesting alternative to using emojis in communication, stickers are becoming mainstream because of the customization and freedom you are afforded when they are used. GIFs and emojis require you to use […]